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Our Services

At Asphalt Paving Inc & Masonry we provide our clients with the following services:

Asphalt Paving Asphalt Paving: if you want to have a driveway that will last you between 20 and 30 years then hot-mix asphalt paving is the perfect material for your needs. This is a similar product as what see roads being laid with. We will carefully grade and level out your site and ensure it is them compacted very well. We will then lay the asphalt out and smooth it over with the appropriate equipment. This is a cost-effective material that is also very easy to maintain. Read More »

Seal Coating: we highly recommend that you have your surfaces seal coated. What this process does it place a protective film over your flooring and shield it from stains, makes it waterproof and fills any voids in the surface. Let the professionals ensure you get the right type of seal coating for your flooring material. Read More »

Parking Lot Maintenance: some of our parking lot maintenance services include replacement of damaged car stops and bumpers, fixing signs and re-stripping parking lines. We will also patch up and repair any pot holes in the asphalt surface of the parking lot. Let us keep your parking lot looking good and reduce any owner liabilities. Read More »

Concrete: at Asphalt Paving Inc & Masonry we can carry out any type of concrete project you have in mind. From sidewalks to walkways, patios to driveways and foundations; we are your one-stop concreting company. We like to use the best grade of concrete that is strong and durable! Read More »

Asphalt PavingMasonry: for all of you masonry installations including concrete, brick, block and stone; we are the right company for the job. Our teams of professional masonry contractors have the best workmanship in the region. Read More »

Excavation & Grading: we have expanded our services to also include excavation and grading. This means that we can prepare any construction site and have it ready for the building phase to begin. There is no doubt that have the site correctly excavated and graded is an important step for a successful build. Read More »

Parking Lot Striping: the team at Asphalt Paving Inc & Masonry have all the right equipment to carry out any parking lot stripping job. We will have your parking lot looking like new again by re-stripping the parking lines, or stripping a new parking lot! Read More »

Cities that are served in New York (NY):

  • Queens, NY
  • Flushing, NY
  • Bayside, NY
  • Ridgewood, NY
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Whitestone, NY
  • Williamsburg, NY
  • Astoria, NY
  • Elmont, NY
  • Great Neck, NY
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